The Family Flips

Some come for deals. Some for the community. Some for the reselling resources. Welcome!
Joe and Jessica are resellers, featured in A&E networks' Extreme Unboxing. Some come here for the deals. Some comes for the community. Some for the reselling resources. Whatever it is you're looking for, thank you! And welcome!

We started as resellers to chase our own dreams of working for ourselves and spending as much time as possible with the family we created.

But then, things changed.
We became owners of our very own business.
We have the freedom to spend time with our children.

And then we became entertainers.
And we became teachers.
And we became leaders in a community of individuals desiring to chase their own dreams.

Reselling feeds our family and fills our fridge.
But all of you... well, you fill our cups.

And we thank you for that.

welcome to the family.

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Christopher Haymon
You’ve made the smart decision to start a home business, but your current home doesn’t have what it takes to support your entrepreneurial dreams. To better serve your goals, you’re moving to a new home that can meet all your home business needs, but you’re not sure how to get the ball rolling.
Jessica Rensing
Bulq Liquidation is one of the leading liquidators in the market today. It was an honor to be featured on their reseller spotlight blog this week! 
Jessica Rensing
There are hundreds of videos and blogs out there to help solve the problem of motivation. If you’re struggling with being self-employed and lacking motivation, there are tons of resources and techniques out there to help you get out of the rut. There is a list of my favorite blog posts and videos at the bottom of this blog to help you get started in researching ways to solve your problem.