Joe and Jessica Rensing and Family

The Family Flips began out of a dream.
A dream to change the way that people do business and connect with each other.
A vision to create a business model where out of connection with people, a business flourishes and not the other way around.

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Our Mission:

Guided by our unwavering commitment to create value for our customers, we at The Family Flips always strive to provide great deals through our bin store and e-commerce platforms. However, our mission extends beyond just business. As a family-operated entity, we aim to share our journey, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of small business ownership. Our bin store serves as a catalyst, fueling our pursuit of freedom and autonomy, enabling us to live life on our own terms. Rooted in our shared values of transparency, resilience, and dedication, we invite our customers not only to experience great savings but to join us in our mission to redefine success and happiness in this day and age.

Our Values:

  1. Family and Community: As a family-owned and operated business, we place significant importance on our family and the community we serve. You belong here.
  2. Transparency and Honesty: We openly share their journey, both our triumphs and challenges. We use multiple platforms to do this, such as YouTube, Facebook, and in person-to-person interactions.
  3. Learning and Adaptability: Mistakes and fumbles are our greatest teachers. We place a strong emphasis on learning from our experiences and mistakes. They don’t belong in the shadows of shame, but in places of growth and development, both professionally and personally.
  4. Freedom and Autonomy: We deeply value the freedom to live life on our own terms. This is the driving force behind our entrepreneurial journey and is a sentiment we hope to inspire in others as well. A successful bin store and e-commerce business was never our dream. Our dream has always been the freedom to grow with our children and be present with our friends and family as often as possible.

Just a few beautiful members of our community…

And if you’re looking to be an addition to our positive, friendly community, welcome!

“Ya’ll came into my life at the perfect time. I had just lost my dog, my last link to my mother that had passed away 3 years before. Your videos made me laugh. Smile. Giggle. And have a little bit of time without pain. Then you were doing lives, so I got to actually talk to everyone and that brought everyone into my life.

I’ve had a crazy amount of ups and downs in my life in the last year and a half but always, always this community has been there to support me. Lift me up. Pray with and for me. Give me hope. Friendship. (Even Harold lol).

I honestly don’t know how my life would be right now had I not met ya’ll. I can’t even swear I would even be here right now.

This is the best group of people I think I’ve ever met.

-Trae Baker

I used to watch you both on unboxing. Loved the show by the way, so when I met you I felt like I already knew you. The ability you both have to share your knowledge with everyone is wonderful. You treat everyone like they matter. You want good things for all the people you come in contact with. I feel like part of a family when I enter your store. And that is the way I’ve always been treated. Thank you for all you do. You both and the great people you have working for you make the difference. Thank you for being great.

Janis Garrett

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