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The Family Flips: Our Reselling Journey

Welcome to The Family Flips, where we embark on a reselling journey like no other. I’m Jessica Rensing, and together with my amazing husband Joe, we founded The Family Flips. Our story is a testament to the power of determination, faith, and the incredible support we’ve received from our community. We invite you to sit back, relax, and join us as we share our remarkable journey with you.

The Family Flips' first Amazon Medium Pallet, around 2018.

Joe’s Reselling Odyssey

Our story begins with Joe, whose reselling journey commenced in 2011, but entrepreneurship has been ingrained in him for as long as he can remember. Back then, he was living in Tennessee with his first wife, who pursued her dream of attending audio engineering school. Her commitment to her studies transitioned them from a two-income household to relying on a single income. To sustain their lifestyle, Joe turned to selling items from their home, eventually venturing into reselling women’s jeans.

While sourcing goods at local Goodwill stores, Joe stumbled upon an advertisement for, sparking his interest in online sourcing. His journey into bulk sourcing began, leading him to purchase various items for resale, including a box of flip phones. However, life took unexpected turns, and he moved back to Arkansas, leaving the phones untouched.

Back in Arkansas, Joe secured a high-paying job as a general manager at a prominent restaurant chain. However, despite the financial stability, he found himself profoundly unhappy. The job consumed him, and his marriage ultimately ended in divorce. It was during this challenging period that Joe turned to prayer for guidance.

One fateful day, as he rode his motorcycle through rural Arkansas, he received a divine message.

God asked, “Do you trust Me?”

Joe’s resolute reply was, “Yes, God.”

God continued, “Do you trust Me?”

The weight of God’s presence intensified with each question, and Joe’s conviction remained unwavering. Finally, God revealed His plan: Joe was to resign from his job, move into an RV, and start reselling the flip phones he had purchased earlier.

The Family Flips got it start in an old, used 26 ft Winnebago!

In unwavering faith, Joe submitted his two weeks’ notice. Remarkably, right after quitting, Joe received an unexpected gift. His ex-wife’s uncle offered him a 26-foot Winnebago RV, an incredible gesture that provided Joe with a home without having to search for one. This gift was a powerful testament to God’s unwavering support.

Family Picture of Joe and Jessica's early beginnings. Taken on their wedding day, 2015

The Family Flips Grows: Joe and Jessica’s Journey

Joe and I got married in September 2015, and I left my job as a preschool teacher to join the reselling business. We started with cell phones and consumer electronics, operating out of an 81-square-foot spare bedroom. However, as the market for these items evolved, we had to adapt.

Our pivotal moment came when Joe discovered a liquidation website. Excitedly, he won our first pallet auction, setting the stage for a new chapter. Unfortunately, the pallet contained broken items, a lesson we learned the hard way: always read the listing carefully.

Despite this setback, we persevered and expanded into a 2,600-square-foot warehouse, purchasing truckloads of goods. While it was an exciting time, we realized that it was consuming more time than we wanted to give. This was ultimately when “The Family Flips” coined its name. Our initial goal was to create a business that allowed us to spend more time with our family, not the other way around. So, we downsized, moving our inventory into a storage unit and operating from our garage.

For years, we worked diligently out of our garage, unboxing pallets and reselling items online. Our YouTube channel documented this journey, offering an intimate view of the challenges, emotions, and excitement of small-time reselling.

In August 2022, we had the incredible opportunity to be featured on A&E’s Extreme Unboxing, an experience that enriched our reselling toolkit.

Turning Challenges into Blessings

As we diligently worked towards financial freedom and saving for our dream home, life had other plans.

The housing market shifted, and our landlord decided to sell our rental home. To make matters worse, our only paid-off vehicle broke down on the side of the highway (45 minutes after the house news), leaving us with a series of unexpected expenses.

However, amidst the challenges, we discovered an abundance of favor in our lives. We found a better home, an amazing car, and an opportunity to open a storefront. Additionally, a kind YouTube viewer replaced my shattered phone, highlighting the unexpected blessings that often emerge from adversity. I couldn’t have been more humbled.

We transitioned into a bin store, embracing the growth and support of our community. We are humbled and grateful for each customer who has become a friend.

Unexpected struggles and housing market change that left us having to move with little notice!

The bin store was an experiment, and it went better than we anticipated! We had to move out of our smaller space and into a larger one in less than a year, just to facilitate the growth and support of our community. We’re blessed and honored by each of our customers every day, many of whom have become our friends.

The old bin store location on Harkrider Street in Conway, AR-- an experiment that went very well.

The Heart of The Family Flips

We’re thankful for this business. It’s given us so much time and financial freedom. We have a desire to share that secret with everyone else. I will warn you that dream chasing does not have a “get rich quick” strategy. It involves work, planning, hard work, sacrifice, and determination.

Whether you’re a customer reading this to learn our story, or if you’re an aspiring or current reseller, hoping to learn a little bit more about how we made this work for our family, we want to encourage you. Your dreams may differ from ours, but they are attainable.

Sometimes all it takes is a little creative thinking and a lot of stubborn determination. And we hope that you achieve all that you dream of. We’re rooting for you, always.

With love,
Joe and Jessica
The Family Flips

Family photo: Joe and Jessica and their three children.

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