Resources to Dive Into:

You cannot learn everything about reselling without making your own experiences. My goal here is to make it easier for you to make the choices you need to make to improve your business. These resources are constantly growing and always changing!

If you see any new resources you’d like to share, or if you notice broken links, obsolete content, feel free to let us know by commenting at the bottom of the page or sending me an e-mail at! We welcome any and all contributors!

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Resources for Resellers
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Reseller Influencers to Follow:

Daily Refinement- Chris Lin


If you are trying to make a full time living off eBay, I would utilize what Chris Lin has to offer. He has a YouTube channel and a website with free resources that are available to anyone, but he also offers a membership and Mastermind class that offers knowledge, accountability, and practical tools that can help you make your eBay store the best that it can be. We actually took advantage of his Mastermind Classes and it helped us tremendously. We still use the skills we’ve learned from this class today!

SPECIALTY: Liquidation and Unboxings

T.J. and his sister, April, from Pallet Jackin’ are great resellers! We have developed an amazing relationship with them, as they provide great resources as fellow liquidation resellers. T.J.’s great cinematography skills allow for not only an educational experience as they vlogs their business life and unboxes pallets and boxes from various liquidators all over the country, but they also provide a plethora of information about liquidation and what it takes to build that business.

PrimeTime Treasure Hunter – Mr. PrimeTime

SPECIALITY: Vintage and Collectables, such as comic books, toys, and ephemera

Prime Time Treasure Hunter is a great educational channel that does a great job of making learning entertaining and exciting. His channel has thousands of videos on how to spot vintage and collectable treasures at garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc. Mr. Prime Time is knowledgeable on how to sell items on multiple platforms including but not limited to eBay, Amazon, Mercari, and Poshmark.


We love giving our audience a wide variety of different types of reselling! We know that there is more than one way to build a business in reselling, and so we would love to be able to feature educational content from other successful business owners. The content should be based on helping others to create their own business ventures, or to assist existing business owners in improving their business model. This should not be a forum for exposure and building your own audience. If you are a content creator that specializes in reselling and you feel like you have expertise to add to this page, please e-mail me at: with the following:

  • Your name and the names of your partners
  • What expertise you can offer that would benefit being added to the list (we are looking for unique and different styles and models, not replications of what is already on the list)
  • A sample of your content, digital merchandise (such as e-books, online courses, or links to your blog/vlog/website, etc.)

What we’re looking for:

  • Unique business models
  • A variety of content (videos, blogs, groups, courses, mentorships, accountability, etc.)
  • An understanding of how business works
  • Positive mindsets and encouraging communities

Content Could Include:

  • YouTube Channels
  • Websites
  • E-books
  • Online Courses
  • Blogs/Vlogs
  • Online groups/forums

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Replications of what is already featured on this list
  • Limited content (blogs must have more than just a few posts, video channels must be well established)
  • Limited understanding of business and entrepreneurship
  • Negative and/or poverty mindsets; groups that do not encourage new resellers

Content SHOULD NOT Include:

  • Unboxing Channels, with the intention to gain views from our audience.
  • Unpolished websites
  • Overpriced or unprofessional e-books, courses, or other sellable merchandise.
  • Groups or communities whose sole purpose is to “vent” about the reselling community, sellers, other buyers, or liquidators.

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