About the Family Flips:

We are Joe and Jessica Rensing! 

We are full-time resellers and parents to three beautiful children. We have been reselling for over 5 years now, and we love it! We specialize in purchasing lots and pallets of liquidated goods and selling them online and locally for profit.

When we first got married, we dreamed of being able to live a lifestyle where we could spend our time pouring into our children with our love, our time, and our leadership. 

Reselling has been the perfect vehicle to achieve that goal. We homeschool our children and teach them about life by doing life with them! 

Over the years, we discovered that reselling is a great way to achieve financial freedom and make a positive impact on the world, the environment, family life, and more! We want to share what we've learned, our experiences, our successes and our failures with others, so they, too, can achieve their dreams and ambitions too!