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Hey everyone, we’re making policy changes starting October 7th, 2022! You’ll want to know about these!

We want to say THANK YOU for our community’s love and support! It means so much to us, and it motivates us to keep doing what we do to educate our aspiring resellers, new resellers, and our local community who loves the treasure hunt!

If you’ve shopped with us before, you’ll know that we do everything we can to keep our prices low and fair for you, and we also reward our shoppers with our loyalty program to add more savings to our already low prices!

As we grow, we learn and we adapt to the things we learn so we can continue to give these great prices. Here are some policy changes that you might want to be aware of:


1. Loyalty Point Expiration

All points earned STARTING Friday, October 7th, 2022 will have an expiration date of 3 months from the date they are earned.

If you’ve already earned a bunch of points, don’t worry! Those points will remain and we won’t take those away. This is ONLY for points earned October 7th or later.

2. Loyalty Point Allocation

When it comes to loyalty points, for every $5 you spend, you receive one point on your loyalty account. After 10 points, you’ll get a $5 off coupon for a future purchase.

For all bin items and clothing items THIS WILL NOT CHANGE.

The only change will be for RETAIL WALL ITEMS. The larger items on the wall that are marked around 40-80% off retail (such as the furniture, kitchen appliances, large bedding sets, weed eaters and other yard equipment, etc) are the only items that are affected by this policy change.

With the retail wall items, you will receive a point for every $10 spent.

Bin items/clothing items = 1 point for every $5
Retail Wall items = 1 point for every $10

3. Retail Wall Warranty Policy

The Family Flips Retail Wall -- larger items such as weed eaters and other larger equipment, air fryers and other kitchen appliances, furniture, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and more.
Retail Wall at The Family Flips

These items are eligible for a 7 day warranty for DEFECTIVE ITEMS ONLY.

Defective means:

  • Items that are missing parts (that were not disclosed at the time of purchase) — if items are missing, they should be listed on the box. We do our best to make sure that we are forthcoming about our items, and if we made a mistake, we would like the opportunity to make it right.
  • Items not functioning properly. It can be difficult to fully test an item here in store. If you happen to take it home and it doesn’t work properly, we will gladly do what we can to make that right, too.

PLEASE test/inspect your items before you purchase your items. We would be glad to help you out! Just ask an associate.

A few other things to note:

  • All returns will be eligible for STORE CREDIT ONLY.
  • Item MUST be in the same condition they were sold in. We will not accept items sold as brand new that are not in that condition when they were returned.
  • Item MUST have all the parts it came with, boxes, and stickers. The stickers do not have to be on the box when they’re returned if you’ve removed it.
  • If you have a loyalty account and used it to purchase the item, your transaction is stored in the computer and you do not need to have a physical receipt. But, if you do NOT have a loyalty account or you did not use it at the time of your purchase, you must have a physical receipt to be able to conduct the return.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Have questions about these policy changes? Just comment below or send us a message!

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  1. Ok I’m gonna fan it up so I apologize in advance but I love your vids and I wanted to check out your site. I am sure you hear this A TON but I’m from out of state, (WI), so I won’t be making it over soon BUT if I ever take a trip to Arkansas…🤷‍♀️ I almost never comment on articles or YouTube or any of that jazz but when I read your policy changes,( because apparently I’ve nothing else to do when I should be sleeping because I have to work in a few hours lol), I thought, WHEW!! All of that was very articulated and easy to understand but the fact that you have to have all of those changes makes me think you’ve been buuusy and working hard to be successful and yet also value your customers. I hope you’re doing well, and getting the love and respect y’all deserve. I love your energy and wish you the best! Seems like you’re doing a great job! Thanks for the great content you still somehow find time to create and take care!

    PS: All of you customers out there that read this,(which I now embarrassingly hope are not many lol), hopefully appreciate the small businesses like this one, that truly value you all! 🙂

    1. Jess!! You’re amazing! Thank you for the encouragement and the pep talk! We have been CRAZY busy, but I miss YouTube and filming, and am hoping to be able to get that back into the schedule at some point. As much as I wish I had the brain space to keep up with it all, I’ve had to be really realistic with myself and know that I can’t possibly do it all. BUT! Soon. I know that once I get my bearings here with the store, I’ll be able to get back into creating content again. I miss it so much!
      Thank you so much, again. It was wonderful to hear and made my heart so very happy!
      – Jessica

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