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What Shopping in the Bins at the Family Flips Looks Like:

You walk through the glass doors and grab a blue bag by the door. Someone you know probably told you about shopping the bins at this amazing “bin store” in town, but you still don’t quite know what to expect.

Looking around is a neat experience. In most stores, where merchandise is all priced individually, it can be a little confusing and overwhelming. But don’t worry! Once you figure it out, you’re going to LOVE it.

As you walk in the door, you hear pop music playing in the background, and one or two employees smile and greet you as you walk in, “Hey! Welcome in! How are you doing today?”

Then you notice there is a sign that tells you what day it is and how much the bin items are. This is important because this store only restocks completely once per week. The prices drop each day until the items sell! Someone you know mentioned that they sometimes restock some smaller stuff later in the week. You’ll have to check out the new stuff later in the week, too! You can find the current prices on Facebook or Google at any time!

Restock day is on Thursdays, which means when the store opens on Friday morning, the prices are the highest and the higher-value items are found then.

But, luckily for you, you already knew what kind of items would be in the bins, because you follow us on our Facebook page. You know that the store posts updated pictures of the bins each night for the next day.
But, if you didn’t know about that, you’d have clicked the link down below to follow the page:

Photo of a bin of children's toys

At first glance, the bins look cool. It’s a little messy, but what treasure hunt isn’t? You look around and see a variety of faces around the store. There are two shoppers that are obviously regulars. It’s obvious they must feel right at home because they seem really comfortable, and all the employees stop to say hello. The two regulars are on a first name basis with each other and have become friends simply by seeing each other in the store all the time. “Hey, Janis, weren’t you looking for one of these?” one lady asks the other. Because that’s what this store does. They help each other out and become friends.

There’s a gentleman at the end of another set of bins with a look of humored confusion on his face. He’s holding an item wrapped in a bag and he can’t seem to figure out what that is. “What is this??”, he asks. An employee in a Family Flips t-shirt approaches curiously and you swear that you can hear in their voice that they’re just excited as he is– “No idea! You can open it up if you want, I’d be happy to tape it back closed if you need me to!”

Photo of bins of liquidated goods, boxes, and surprise items.

A variety of faces range from concentration and determination to awe and bemusement. Overall, it seems comfortable and friendly. Because it is.

As you’re perusing the bins, you can see…
… a variety of linens (really? The most you’d pay is $11 here for these!? These are normally $50 online!!), … wigs and cosmetics,
… pet supplies (and the most darling little pink Christmas sweater for a small pup, maybe your friend with the Yorkie would love one!), and…
… an amazing set of bamboo plates (which you’ve got on your wish list right now… and it looks like you can take it off that wish list now because you’ve just found it at pretty much 80% off…score!),

There are also tools, home improvement supplies, a set of floating shelves, a neat lamp, and some cute wall art that you know your best friend would LOVE… looks like you can get your Christmas shopping done early! Woohoo! So… many items. You’re definitely going to have to come back when you have more time.

Your eyes gaze up and you see racks of clothing. “Woah,” you think to yourself, “These are all new… the tags are still on them! Are they sure they’re selling these for six dollars on the highest dollar day?
That seems like a deal! Winter is coming, and they’re so many sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts… we’re definitely racking up on these! Oh, and they’ve got shoes… socks… underwear… they’ve got everything! You even found the cutest purse and have the perfect outfit planned for that.

Photo of two full racks of various clothing, ranging from babies, kids, womens, and men. You can also see rows of bins behind the racks for shopping.

But what are all those big boxes along the walls? You see a sign that says, “Retail Wall”. On the wall you see weed-eaters, leaf-blowers, air fryers, bedding sets, there’s some light fixtures (“Definitely need to remember that when we start remodeling the house,” you note silently) … is that a fire pit?? It’s only $100, and the listing from the store it came from is selling them for $249.99! You wish you knew if there was something wrong with it, because if not… you’d grab that in a second. “Don’t worry,” an employee tells you. “I can help you bring it to the testing station, and we can pull it out of the box and see if there’s anything wrong with it.”

The retail wall: a black shelf with large lawn equipment, furniture, and kitchen appliances on them.
Customer utilizing the testing station by inspecting jewelry in their packaging.

WHAT? A testing station? Yep. That’s right. Along the front wall, by the front doors. It’s a long set of tables with outlets and cables available to test items to make sure they work before you buy them. You see someone utilizing the table with a trying out a handheld fan as an employee walks by with a set of batteries from behind the counter to borrow for testing. Everyone seems so kind and helpful, from the staff to the customers.

Employee and customer laughing and talking at the register.

After about an hour, you walk up to the counter to a friendly employee who is ready to help you. She carefully counts your items, keeping light conversation. You look at all your items and think, “this would be a few hundred dollars if I bought this at retail.” When she tells you the total, you give a silent celebration. How much money you’ve saved! Incredible!

Just when you think it can’t get any better, she offers you a membership to the loyalty program. As I spend money in the store, I can receive points towards coupons towards my next visit? Sign me up! I gladly offer my phone number in exchange for the points. The shopping trip alone already earned you your first $5 coupon!

You smile to yourself, and walk out the door thinking, “I’ll be back… tomorrow.”

Blue building, the location of the Family Flips Marketplace.

The Family Flips Marketplace
1024 Jim’s Lane
Conway, AR 72032

We can’t wait to see you!

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