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Reseller Spotlight from Bulq Liquidation

Bulq Liquidation is one of the leading liquidators in the market today. What an honor to be featured on their reseller spotlight blog this week!

The questions asked were thoughtful and deliberate– they bring great context for the new and upcoming reseller. Bulq asked questions regarding how we started as well as our advice for the beginning reseller. We talked about how to scale a reselling business and the challenges to expect. These are all great questions (among others) that were asked and answered.

It’s important when building your business model to know what kind of inventory you want to sell and what platforms you plan to use to move goods.

What’s In The Post?

One of the more interesting questions they asked was whether or not to sell on a personal website or a platform like eBay or Amazon. The answer is not as cut and dry as one would think. The reason I love this question? It showcases exactly how unique each reseller’s business model truly is. How the answers will vary depending on the reseller’s individual goals and plan for moving the items they’re reselling.

Maybe you’re a brand new reseller, still learning the ropes. I hope you take the time to read about how we started and the mistakes we learned along the way. If you’re a seasoned pro, looking into the idea of how to scale your business, look into the questions they asked about scaling and where to sell product.

For the aspiring reseller, I hope you find some mistakes with lessons well learned and encouragement from our store. No matter who you are, I highly recommend you check out the reseller spotlight blog post here:

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The blog post makes for a quick and informative read, like most of the reseller spotlight posts on this blog.

Feel free to read this short, informative article and leave a comment!

Thanks, as always, for your support!

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