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New E-Book: The Secret to Flipping Liquidation Pallets with Little to No Investment!

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I created this e-book for those who are ready to start using liquidation reselling as the vehicle to get them the funds, the flexibility, or the courage to achieve what they really want out out life.

The reasons for running a liquidation reselling business are plentiful. 40% of American citizens are in a position where they could not cover an unexpected expense of $400 or more. With the economy the way that it is, the uncertainty of the future due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been heavy on a lot of families to be able to make extra income. 

For some of us, an extra $2-300 dollars a month could be a game changer. 


In reselling billions of pounds of useable, returned merchandise finding its way to landfills each year. It is evident that there is room for everyone willing to put in the work and to learn. 

Though I cannot build your business for you, I can give you tools, skills, and experiences I’ve learned along the way to help you build a successful, thriving business in buying and selling liquidation. 

This is what drove me to write The Secret to Flipping Liquidation Pallets with Little To No Investment! This 5 chapter, 26-page e-book breaks down the overwhelming process of building a liquidation flipping business from scratch. For most of us, an extra $200 a month is a game changer. For others, the ability to be able to supplement our income is a dream come true. 

Check it out:

The Secret to Flipping Pallets with Little to No Investment! By Jessica Rensing

The book contains: 

  • a tried and true, step-by-step process on building a liquidation reselling business without a ton of capital, 
  • information about liquidation, where they come from, how they’re processed, and why that matters to you and your business, 
  • a jumping off point for research, with links to blogs, videos, and additional considerations when starting a reselling business that you my not have considered before, and
  • access to our Family Flips community for support on your journey, whether you decide to resell or not. Come join the community, ask questions if you’ve got them, and have some fun!



Do you have other e-book ideas? Any content you’d like to see addressed? Comment below and let me know! 

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