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Guest Post: Workflow Tips For Busy Parents

Workflow Tips For Busy Parents

Guest Post Author: Janice Garrett

Whether you’ve always worked at home or were suddenly thrust into the WAH lifestyle at the onset of the pandemic, one thing is certain: it’s not easy. When you have children, a house to clean, and other responsibilities always looming, you may feel like you’ll never survive until it’s time to go back to the office. But, there is hope, and there are many things you can do to streamline your day in between snacks and temper tantrums.

A Balancing Act

The Family Flips blog has discussed work/life balance before. This is the seemingly elusive state between being productive as an employee or entrepreneur and feeling like you’re being a good wife/mom/partner. It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Finding balance between your professional and personal lives starts by creating a schedule and then setting boundaries. You might, for example, inform the office that you are available during normal working hours and that any after-hours communication will be returned the following morning. On the home front, boundaries may include designating a dedicated office space and making sure that the other members of your household know what electronics are off-limits.

Stress Less With Self-Care

Self-care often feels like a selfish act when you are already running on fumes. But you must trust that it is not. KNow that failure to take care of yourself can leave you sluggish and less effective at home and work. As a busy parent, there are a few things you can do right this moment to give you a quick burst of productive positivity. The Imperfect Families blog recommends taking a deep breath, rolling your shoulders, listening to a good song, or having a cup of coffee.

Another way to care for yourself is to take care of your home environment. Redfin acknowledges that clearing bad energy from your home, which might manifest as excessive complaining and constantly blaming each other for small infractions, starts with cleaning. Eliminating clutter from your home office may be the most impactful thing you can do to improve productivity, which will make you more efficient. This will then ensure that you are done with work on time each night.

Exercise is another great way to lower your stress levels. As a form of self-care, low-impact activities, such as yoga, can help you reclaim your mind and body. And if you’ve recently had a baby, you should know that postpartum yoga can help you get your body back. As an added bonus, it’s quiet so you won’t disturb your little one when they are in the sweet state of slumber.

Help Doesn’t Mean You’re Helpless

As a working parent, your first instinct is likely to dive hot and heavy into a task as soon as your baby or toddler goes down for a nap. While this is certainly sound advice, there are other ways to reclaim a few hours for work or self-care. One of these is to simply ask for help when needed. You may be surprised at how many friends and family are willing and able to entertain toddlers for a few hours each week. You can also hire a housekeeper or part-time sitter to take some of the burden off of you. This does not mean that you are incapable of tackling all the day has in store just that you recognize where your time and energy is best spent.

Working from home with kids won’t be easy. But, keep in mind that the toddler you struggle to entertain today will soon be a teenager that tends to themselves. You’re in the trenches now, and, as hard as it is to acknowledge now, these are your best days. Enjoy them by finding the balance that you deserve and taking care of yourself as well as you do your family and work responsibilities.

Work Life Balance for Busy Parents

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