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Joe and I are fundamentally very different people.

In fact, in a lot of ways, we are the exact opposite.

My approach to making decisions requires a lot of time, contemplation, and the running various scenarios in my head. Joe operates a little differently. His decision-making process consists of a quick mental checklist and a solid determination and belief that whatever fires may occur, he’ll figure out how to put them out should it come down to it.

Over the years we have learned that, though we are different, we both bring great value to our business. It wasn’t after a lot of stumbling, arguing, and plenty of mistakes that we realized that it’s not just the realization that we were so different that made our differences so valuable, but we also had to learned that the “sweet spot” for successful action (or business) lies somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.

Compromise and genuine attentive listening has brought us such great success over the years, not just in business, but in marriage, parenting, relationships, and life.

Determine where you fall in this spectrum, so you can adjust appropriately to save heartache and headache when beginning your reselling business.

If you are like me (Jessica), then you are a “researcher”.

This means that this past week you have been engrossed in all the forums, facebook groups, and youtube channels trying to collect all the best practices and tips for being a successful reseller or business owner. In fact, you haven’t actually done a single thing to build your business.

Just a little advice for you: jump in there and do it. You’ll learn more that way.I know, I know. It can be really overwhelming to jump into something without knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do. But reselling is simple. All the tips and tricks are great, but get your feet wet first.

It’s okay.

You’ll be fine.

If you’re like my husband (Joe), then you are a “do-er”.

That means that you read the last blog post the one about the “why” exercise, and probably skimmed through the instructions. You may have begrudgingly done it, or you skipped over it completely. “Give me the practical stuff. Tell me how to start this business. I’m ready to just jump in this thing!”

My advice to you is to: SLOW. DOWN.

Take the time to research. Business building is broad and has a lot of different facets and can work for people of all different lifestyles and backgrounds. This is not the time to reinvent the wheel. There are people out there who have been doing this for years and they’re more than willing to share tried and true strategies with you. Take the time to do it right. You got this. Build yourself a solid foundation of knowledge. That way, you’ll get where you’re going faster because you won’t have to backtrack, and fix easily avoidable mistakes.

It wasn’t until we both put our own needs aside and learned to listen to each other that we realized there is benefit for both the contemplation and the action of a decision.
Success won’t come without both of those things.
My question for you is, where do you fall on this spectrum? How can you adjust to find yourself a more balanced business builder?

Let me know on the comments below.

And as always, happy reselling!

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